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""For effective natural remedieslike acupuncture, I see @DrHuiOuyang at Yin & Yang Healthcare in Houston, Texas.  Thanks Doctor! #acupuncture" - Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo/US National Soccer Team)

"Dr. O is a top Dr. in the Houston area. He combines both western and eastern knowledge in his practice. His medical instincts and care are excellent. His staff is also kind and friendly. From chronic pain to insomnia, Dr O has been a life saver. You will not be disappointed with his care." -Ken Sarmiento (Houston Musician/Producer)

"Reports acupuncture is effective for pain management. Dr. O is shown in the related video performing acupuncture therapy on Lt. Col. Brunk." - New York Times

"I believe that Dr. Ouyang's treatment stimulated my chi sufficiently to make it possible for my immune system to shrink the tumor and suspicious spots as well as to recover as well as I did."  - Dr. Reena Sommer (Psychologist)

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